Our Mission Statement

The objective of this website is to bring together a community of all different people, from all different paths towards recovery to find one common goal:

Healing through authenticity and creativity.

Hello! My name is Meaghan Elizabeth Worthey and I’ve humbly learned over the years that to me, my personal recovery will never be a treasure map with the pot of gold waiting at the end. My recovery is more like a labyrinth with my true treasure at the center.

As a teenager to a young adult I chose to live a negative life influenced by so many negative thoughts. I suffered from bulimia for many years, abused drugs & alcohol, struggled with high anxiety, depression, self harm and mood disorders.
All of this stemmed from one single thought that, “I wasn’t good enough”. All the treatment, hospitals, therapy and medication ultimately did nothing for me until I was willing to surrender my negative thinking.

I want to make it very clear that I’m not perfect and perfection isn’t my goal.
As a society we are often bombarded by perfect little cookie cutter recovery stories, but real life isn’t like that at all. Life is full of mistakes, imperfections, flaws and darkness but shining light on all of that is exactly where healing and recovery begin.

I remember being in treatment years ago and being so excited for group therapy. It was freeing sharing and hearing what my friends were going through. Our vulnerability strengthened us as we all supported each other. That’s why I wanted to create a space  where people can have that same feeling.

Recovery is having the strength to follow your chosen path to uncover the real you, at your very center.
Through the the course of my life I have uncovered my great love for Creativity. Creating to me is the most beautiful part of life.

As a child I remember how I would spend all day making and putting together series of little books. I loved drawing and writing just as I do today. I followed one of my most cherished dreams to become a published Author and Illustrator. I rediscovered my great love for creativity through my recovery. Drawing and writing opened up my heart and mind.

In my book Affirmations of the Soul, Recovery is About Uncovering the Real You, My heart can be found in my drawings, poetry and uplifting affirmations that I’ve collected for you.

I also think it’s important to share with you that most of my drawings and poetry in my book were created during very dark times in my life. Creativity was always the light that led me home with hope & courage. It is very important during dark times to show the deepest compassion for yourself and never pity. That is the strongest message of wisdom I’ve learned from my past. Always look to find the strength in your pain.

If one of my pages inspires you, hold on to that affirmation.
Repeat it to yourself everyday until it is real.
I choose not only to read these affirmations but to live by them.
I hope you can too.
Let’s face it; we spend most of our time in our own minds,
might as well fill it with the good stuff!
May your soul always carry messages of strength, courage and love.

What Have You Uncovered ?